Monday, 29 November 2010

...and get over it!

Today's exercise (well, yesterday evening's anyhow) was mounting the L6203 MOSFET H-bridge chip onto a breadboard friendly form.

Why is the chip mounted on the copper side, at some odd angle? As w0z says, "hardware will cut you"... and of course I didn't check the chip's lead spacing - the chip's pins are not on a 0.1" spacing - so it doesn't "fit" in the veroboard. Turns out that at 45 degrees, the pins line up with the veroboard strips. Not the holes, but at least the strips. Woot!

So this board has all the components required to get the H-bridge to work. There's a 0.22 ohm resistor for sensing the motor current. This will go back to the PIC for monitoring.
The pins on the bottom are GND, Enable, In1, In2, Motor-, Motor+, Vsupply and Vsense. This will now plug straight into the breadboard for wiring up to the rest of the circuit.

And it works. Next, some programming required...

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