Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Just got 7oz in the mail

That's 200 grams.

Turns out the package wasn't the CNC steppers, but a pair of MSP430 development tools that I had forgotten that I had ordered from TI ( got them for free - thanks Dangerous Prototypes). They were dispatched from the Netherlands, surprisingly.
The MSP430 is an ultra low power, 16 bit microcontroller. These development kits are an integrated USB programmer/debugger with a tiny 14 pin MSP430F2013 attached to the end of the board. The board with the target processor can be separated from the end of the debugger, and the pins are bought out to reasonable sided pads.
USB case opened - close up of microcontroller end
There's also a LED on there, just top-left of the chip. There doesn't seem to be much on the micro side of the header, so you could probably use it as an in-circuit programmer too.

Now, what to do with them.... I'm thinking something solar powered...

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