Thursday, 14 April 2011

Smaller and smaller and smaller

I didn't really appreciate how small these bluetooth modules are, until I got one delivered today.
The one I've got isn't exactly like the MDFLY one (linked above), but it's the same CSR BC417 chipset, mostly the same PCB layout - I'm pretty confident they're equivalent.
Which is lucky, because the ebay seller I bought this from sent no datasheet, and has none linked from their ebay page either. Good thing it was cheap. (about $8 AUD, delivered)


Steve said...

Nice! That's tiny.

I'm thinking about getting a module like that. Do you know if the BC417 alone jumps to discoverable mode with only power (without a micro)?

bonybrown said...

Yes, this module does. The later post where it's powered up was all done with a micro attached at all.