Saturday, 2 April 2011

Together at last

The CNC machine is together and working!
It's actually been together for a few weeks now, but I didn't get around to posting about it (because, what's the point of a post without video, right? )
Also, I wasn't happy with the aluminium slides I was using for the central plate, so I acquired some more 608 bearings, and replaced the slides with these.
Each of the slides are now a pair of bearings on a single bolt, separated by a thin brass washer. The lip of the extrusion on the CNC frame sits in the small V created by the gap and the chamfer on the bearing face. So there are now 16 bearings in 8 pairs bolted to the central plate.
I should have taken a photo. Oh well.

Here's the machine in action this morning...

And a photo of the finished product - just a scrap of chipboard, with "Amalie" now engraved in it. Blue chalk added so that you can see the routed letters.
Outstanding issues:
  1. The x-axis threaded rod must be bent, and it's causing a slight wobble when the x-axis moves. I think I'm just going to have to replace it.
  2. The central plate could be stiffer. You can still twist the x-axis a little. I may be able to increase the pressure of the rollers against the runners, but I think the plate flexing is the problem.

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